So Routine

So Routine

I had to laugh at today's "Routine" entry in Leelo's daily record spreadsheet:

Therapist L 9 - 12
Swimming 12:30 - 1:30
Therapist L 2 - 5
Luau 6 - 9

He was such an incredibly good, happy boy on the plane, and has been every since we've been here, ever since we moved into the new house. I give thanks to his naiad sisters for welcoming him back to their waterlogged bosoms; he is obviously very at home with them.

Also I would recommend the Princeville Luau to any autistic children who would like the freedom to run around and visit the beach mid-show or mid-dinner if need be, especially those who have seen Lilo & Stitch 500+ times. Leelo adored the fire dancers.