More Good Leeloisms

More Good Leeloisms

From Daily Record Spreadsheet:

When bored between school and afternoon session, started pushing around the bar stools [something we have him do as a sensory/weighted activity], and then tried to get into the (locked*) game/puzzle cabinet for a puzzle. [He was trying to find something to do as opposed to wandering aimlessly--v. wonderful.]

Allowed me to read him three Dr. Seuss Beginner Books in a row.

Spent a lot of time reciting colors: "Red Yellow Green Blue!"

When we were reading books this evening, he turned the books over so only their mostly solid-colored backs were showing, and exclaimed (correctly, and with pointing), "It is yellow! It is green!"

Has been saying a lot of "There it is" and "There we are" with pointing while we're riding in the car.

*Because of Mali, not Leelo. There is no way in hell I'm going to clean up Mali's Puzzle Confetti -- Now Featuring Twelve Different Motifs.

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