Motormouth Mali

Motormouth Mali

Holy crapola, that kid can talk. Apparently running at the mouth is her substitute for sleep, as it is almost midnight and she is still going strong; if I was a betting person I'd wager that her needle is stuck at 500 rpm. I thought Iz was the hands-down queen of both the stream-of-consciousness commentary and the random stranger attack greetings, but I think her baby sister may dethrone her. And that is a frightening thought, if you know Iz.

Sample overheards:
"Mommy! Don't stick your head under the bed! Your head is too big! My head is too big! It gets stuck under the bed! M&M Bear's head is too big! But Medea's [new cat, short story*] head is not too big. She is waaaaay under the bed. Hi Medea! Do you want to come and play with me? Medea! Come here right now!" (Various wheedling meowing sounds commence.)

"Izzy! Get off of me! I want to go see Mommy!" (Iz was sitting on Mali's stomach, as per my request to "watch Mali for a minute while I take Leelo to the potty.")

"Mommy! This is my dolly. She is upset. No, she's happy. Because she has curly hair. And curly eyes. And a beaaautiful dress. Do you think she's happy?" Squid: "I'm not sure, do you think she's happy?" Mali: "I don't know! Can you make a happy face? Can you make a sad face? Can you make a surprised face? Can you make a concerned face? Don't worry, I'll give you a biiiig hug."

"I want to go on the trampoline! It's not Leelo's turn, it's my turn! Can I go on the trampoline with Izzy? Noooooooooooo! It's my turn! I don't want to get off the ladder! I don't want to go on the little trampoline! I want to go on the big trampoline!" [Commence air raid siren volume tantrum]
Probably my favorite thing that she does right now is yell out her exact location when you call her name:
"I'm right here! I'm in the bathroom! I'm inside the cupboard! I'm under the sink!"
*The previous owners of this house left their (formerly friendly, now somewhat traumatized) tuxedo cat behind when they moved. They only admitted to abandoning her after a query from our realtor, at which time they asked if we wanted her. We did.