Kauai, Sigh

Kauai, Sigh

Were it up to me, we would never leave.

Queen's Bath/Heaven on Earth

This is where I will go when I die.

Fishies at Queen's Bath

I will be one of these fish.

Sunset Across Hanalei Bay

I will still be able to see this sunset.

Iz Surfing

And remember Iz surfing. (She got good enough to do a few tricks. Too bad you can't surf our home beaches without a wetsuit.)

Open the Gate, God Damn It!

And see the pool where Leelo went swimming every day.

Fifth or Sixth One in a Day

And think how cute it was every time Mali squealed, "Wainbow!!*"

Spam, Eggs, & Rice IN THE CAR!

And of course eat spam, eggs, & rice for breakfast every day.

*No need to worry, Joshua. Her speech patterns are age-appropriate.