Leelo! My Schedule! Talent Show!

Leelo! My Schedule! Talent Show!

It's almost 2:00 and Leelo hasn't hit me once. He did push me over on my keester as I was crouching down to help him with his shoes, but I'll overlook that on account of his:

1) Selecting all his own clothes and dressing himself completely and independently for school, and

2) Running in the house when we returned from his Sage speech therapy session, and spontaneously using the potty.

I am hoping this week's move doesn't throw him for a complete loop. He is doing so well right now.

And, speaking of people who will start moving in a little more than 48 hours, I am loopy myself. I've gotten a lot of work done, but there is much preparing even if professionals are doing the bulk of the packing and moving (much like having someone else clean your house; you have to--or at least I have to--spend a good while tidying up and organizing beforehand). And it is difficult to find time to do so when one's days look like this:

8:00 Leelo to school
8:30 Sigh escrow documents four towns over
10:00 Talk to various agencies about changing address
11:25 Pick up Leelo from school
12:00 Leelo to Occupational Therapy
1:00 Leelo back home for Therapist L
1:15 More phone calling, cleaning kitchen, laundry
2:30 Parent orientation for Iz's summer camp next week
3:30 Return home, thank Jo for picking up Iz and bringing her home, collect Leelo from Therapist L, realize that all three kids are at home simultaneously and that nothing will get done.
4:30 Grocery run for dinner
5:00 Realtor comes for document collection and last few items chat
5:30 Make kids dinner
6:00 Send Iz to neighbors to get ride to talent show
6:15 Thank Babysitter K for coming to watch Leelo and Mali, greet Seymour, drive to Iz's talent show
6:30 - 9:00 Talent show
9:30 Iz to bed, lie on couch in stupor

That was yesterday. Today is somewhat similar. At least my stomach is back into tolerating caffeine.

I must say that I enjoyed the Big Noggin talent show unreservedly. Well, almost. I do wish that some of the girls would embrace the fact that their range is more suitable to the soundtrack of Annie and stop trying to sing Disney or Celine Dion ballads. Though one girl took on Christina Aguilera and succeeded beautifully, which is impressive. There were a few other kids with almost professional talent, but for the most part it was pure goofy fun. I especially liked the pogo stick duo, and of course watching Iz warble her way through a short solo from High School Musical. She hit many of her marks, sidestepped a few others, and her group got huge cheers and applause just like every other act. Let me know if you'd like a link to the video.

Off to panic/pack. Break over.

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