Momentary Break From the Relocation Frenzy Tonight's Break From the Relocation Frenzy

Momentary Break From the Relocation Frenzy

Dee, this list is for you. What would have taken us* close to a year to laboriously compile on one beloved video tape can now be found in moments via the glory of YouTube:

Style Council: You're the Best Thing

Style Council: My Ever Changing Moods (Bike Version)

The Beat: Mirror in the Bathroom

The Beat: I Confess

The Specials: A Message to You, Rudy

Special AKA: Girlfriend

Bangles: Going Down to Liverpool

Bangles: I'm in Line

The Three O'Clock: With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend

Scritti Politti: Wood Beez

Madness: It Must Be Love

Boingo: Private Life

INXS: Original Sin

OMD: If You Leave

Simple Minds: Don't You Forget About Me

Grandmaster Flash: White Lines

And, of course...

*I should have written "What would have taken you close to a year..." as my parents refused to get cable until I was already in college.

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