Gross Taste in Mouth

Gross Taste in Mouth

And barfing! Though I haven't barfed in 24 hours, so that's nice. I can't get this weird perfumey taste out of the back of my mouth, though.

I hope it is stress rather than a virus as I was cooking for friends and Iz's classmates all week long. Now that I think about it I've been feeling sick to my stomach since Tuesday; it was only on Thursday (which was the week's cake-topping stress-popper) that I actually had a four-stage stomach-emptying involuntary vomiting session. Though the next morning I couldn't get out of bed without feeling like I had to hurl anew.

Whatever. You probably have enough barf in your own life.

This is our big packing weekend, as we move next weekend. I have farmed Iz out to the very kind Armada and family for two days. We have a decent amount of babysitting for Leelo and Mali. I will not allow myself to get bogged down and wade tearfully through my kids' art from the last seven years; no, it will go into boxes just the way it is. I am efficient; I am a machine!

Though, speaking of tearful, Mali asked me, "Can you pick me up?" this morning, which made me very sniffly. In general her conversational pronouns have been absolutely perfect in every way, far better than anyone else's 2.5 year old (need you ask)--with the exception of two phrases: "Can I pick you up?" (meaning Mommy please pick me up) and "I hungwy!" She better not lose that second one any time soon; it is too cute and I must get it on digital video first.

Happy weekend to you. Hope you at least are getting to enjoy what in this area is one of the most gorgeous late Spring days imaginable.

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