We Are In

We Are In

Iz has been going to camp all week looking like no one loves her as I can't find any hair brushes. At least she's got sunblock on. She had a bit of a hysterical homesickness fit on the final day in our old house, but otherwise is very pleased to be here.

We had no TV for the first three days but then Seymour got TiVo back up. It provides a decent, if static, backlog until the cable people find our house and we can start rotating her selection again. She wants to know if anyone else has ever noticed that all movie moons are either full moons or waxing gibbous.

Leelo thinks the new house is great because it has a pool. He spends much time with his nose up against the pool fence, and He also thinks hardwood floors are wonderful for scooting around on his back, pushing with his feet. However it took me a few days to find his Claritin so his sniffles have returned and that makes him grumpy. He has not yet been on the trampoline (or, thankfully, recognized it as such) and will not get to go until we return from Saturday's one week vacation and have time to shop for pipe insulation to put on the trampoline's safety net's concussion-enabling metal bars. I am grateful that his transition so far has been a mellow one.

I have been using the same fork and knife all week

I have been carrying my cell phone everywhere because I can't find any of our other clocks or alarm clocks.

Mali bits: Maybe it's poo-poo? I want to go to my new house. Falling on her belly: That was close!

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