My smart and talented husband is such a natural at editing, voiceover, and overall production that his second-ever professional web video piece got picked up and reworked for national radio and TV broadcast. If you listened to NP'R yesterday you probably heard it; if you watched The News Hour with J!m Lehrherher last night, you saw it.

Seymour is doing well at his job, and is enjoying being of use. That's more than most of us dare to hope for -- but then there's the cherry of the job itself being a webhead science- and techno-geek grand slam. I wish such positions had existed back in my era, the ice age of CD software development. He is a hard-working, fortunate bastard. (Jealous? Me? Yes.) He has found a professional and creative g-spot. And I am so proud of and happy for him. Even though I grump about the hours.

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