Shopping Newsflash for Parents of Special Needs Kids

Shopping Newsflash for Parents of Special Needs Kids

Yesterday was toasty here in beautiful Deadwood, so I decided to sport a tank top. Which meant that after Leelo got pissed off about Mali's Iron Gate pickup time and started smacking me (again) in front of all of those tiny children and their parents, I was also sporting two or three bright red Leelo-sized handprints on my chest.

However, I have figured out a solution. I went to Old Navy and picked up a t-shirt for Leelo. It says, "Take a photo, it'll last longer." I'll have him wear it every day. Friends, they had many of these shirts available. They are in the boys' section. They are gray. Probably I should have bought several.

Oh, and also I will ask Teacher K if I can pick up Mali a few minutes later than the other children so Leelo can avoid the madd(en)ing crowd.

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