Happy to report that frequent flyers Max and sisters Eliz and Sophie were over again today. No Che. Happy dervish fairies ran amuck, and no wings were clipped (well, Iz was being a pain in the arse, but that's her job)! Hurrah!

Leelo was not a fairy, although he enjoyed watching them.

I will be happy when our ABA program starts in earnest (training/orientation starts in 12 days!). Right now we have one therapist, F, who has been doing wonderful work for about 2 months 'until we get the program set up,' working about 5 hours/week. However there is no supervisor, no team meetings, no real feedback forum. So, we have a tiny tyrant on our hands. If he sees me anywhere near a computer, he runs over and peeps "Mommy's lap? Mommy's lap? See the boats? See the boats?" Do I really have to honor this request 30+ times per day? Sometimes I can get away with saying "boats all gone" (neutral tone!) but this doesn't always work. Plus it can lead to four or five minutes straight of "Boats all gone?" "Yes, Boats all gone" (repeat four score or so times). Now, no one is more grateful than I that he is talking, doing so spontaneously, and giving great eye contact with these requests, but do I really, really have to play that frigging video all day long? It's perseveration, right? Guidance! Please!

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