Time Warp

Today is actually January 22, 2004, but I am doing email purging and just found this outgoing email, which was sent to my darling cousin on this very date:

Hey Dearie,

Had any good basashi lately? Har har har. Really, though, how are things in
Matsumoto? Found any other new, cool little towns with extra-specialness,
like organic wasabi or something like that?

Things are great here. Leelo's therapy, etc. is starting to get underway in
earnest, and he is doing wonderfully. Iz has decided to become a cook as
well as a cheese fiend. Three days ago we made homemade pesto, two days ago
it was homemade minted lemon/limeade, and yesterday it was a sponge cake
(which is deceptively complex as the ingredients list is short, but you have
to beat all the egg yolks and whites separately and fold them into each
other in stages). This has only got her more excited about cooking more more
more! I think I'll sic her on godfather M the professionally trained
chef. She's also decided that she and Seymour are going to run a combo ice
cream/cheese truck (cheese in the winter and ice cream in the summer). I can
come along if I really want to.

As for me, well, I have decided that I am happy to be an exhibitionist as
long as it's done in an anonymous fashion, and so have started a blog about
Leelo's program, and my cluttered brainspew in general. I am sending you the
address with the understanding that you are a cool girl who will NOT share
the address or location with ANYONE in our family since I rail on them all
so frequently. http://shroomhead.blogspot.com.

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