Well, I suppose the very best thing you can do after setting up a new blog is get sick--immediately--for several days. Lack of posts builds mystery and anticipation.

And although this is mostly supposed to a blow-by-blow about Leelo and how we're hauling his little butt back from autismland, I've got another topic to blurp about first:

Leelo's four-year-old sister, Isobel, loves to talk about how she's going to marry our five-year-old neighbor girl, Tea She's got it all set up, too--Isobel will be the one to have the baby and take care of it, while poor Tea is going to do all the 'bum wiping.' She's going to take Tea's last name, too. (The fact that she'd yet to propose the scenario to Tea daunted her not one bit). If other kids at school told her she couldn't marry a girl, she'd give them the four-year-old version of "fuck you I can do whatever I want." Her self-satisfied liberal mommy was oh-so-elated.

Legitimate Leelo entry later, possibly tomorrow.

P.S. Yankees, if you're considering going to Canada to get a legal same-sex marriage, there are three things to consider:

1) Your marriage won't be considered valid in the United States--yet.
2) Canada will consider your marriage absolutely legal--so much so that to get a divorce you'll have to live in Canada for a year first to establish residency.
3) If you get all hopped-up and hotheaded and decide to go to Canada anyhow so that you can come back here and file a case to legalize your new state of wedded bliss, don't--at least not until you consult with someone like Lambda Legal (www.lambdalegal.org). A badly-run case could set the cause back years.

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