Hard, Justifiably Angry Brilliance

Many thanks to Chasmyn for pointing out the Wampum blog. These are the kinds of parents I wish I was, on fire, on the attack, brain not only still fully functional but being used to fight for truth, justice, and...well, you know. A fucking awesome site.

Today's entry (Dec. 30), about Sen. Maj. Leader Frist's sneaking a big-pharma protection rider onto an amendment of the Homeland Security Bill, is another one of those difficult reads. You know, the ones that end up with me sobbing (again, yes) in disbelief. Excerpt: "The amendment to the Homeland Security Bill would supercede the courts, making the mercury in the vaccine preservative [thimerasol] an "ingredient", and thus not subject to liability."

So, if the Thimerasol/Autism link is ever confirmed, I won't be able to sue Frist's buddies in Big Pharma.

It is a long article but I do wish you would read it. And then, treat yourself to their Dec. 26 entry as a reward.

(BTW, I could not get their trackback code to work here. Is it the exclusive domain of TypePad/Moveable Type users?)

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