To Port1and and Back

Port1and is a long, long way from Se@ttle if you have two young kids in the car and are making a return trip that same day. A long, long way.

Didn't realize how much being in Seatt1e stresses my partner. Poor guy. Let's just say that he has no interest in claiming his right of primogeniture with respect to this house.

Sienna loves her grandmother and seems to be a happy, friendly, shy little almost-8 year old girl. (Although she worships Hillary Duff--yeesh!) Her mom was nowhere to be seen, I am somewhat glad about that. This was just a meet and greet, no other groundwork was laid. Great to see her grandmother, my Auntie Diamond, who is sweetness incarnate.

Seymour and I came home to an empty house, so I must go back and take advantage of hanging with my kids.

Tomorrow we are going to see the family's new boat/floating luxury condo. Should be interesting; they've spent three-plus years building it. Afterwards we will go to R@y's Boathouse (slobber), where I will be sincerely grateful for the fabulous free lunch.

Then home! Yeah/Sigh!

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