Looking Forward to a Brand New Year

It's been almost exactly one year since Leelo's pre-school teacher told me something was amiss with the boy, so 2003 will be remembered as the year our lives started spinning on a different axis. With the exception of our dreamy trip to Japan in April, this is a year we will happily leave behind.

We will celebrate the year's demise with cheese, of course. I have Epoisses, some orgasmic cheeses from Bingham Hi11 (courtesy of Jo's sister), and Iz finally found herself some Limburger (don't know if you've ever had it, but it is not the foul stuff of cartoon legend--it is strong but creamy and sweet). We will bring these cheeses to my cousin's house tonight, where we will hang out, drink wine, and not rouse ourselves too much.

Since this blog is all about me, me, me!, I am allowed to report my pleasure and surprise in completing a major project (major to me), even if it was tardy. Everyone who was supposed to get one of those top-secret gifties has received it by now, so I can reveal: it was an illustrated story about Iz's adventures with some enterprising trolls. Writing it was agony (I've never written a story before--no one has! Stop laughing!), but strangely satisfying. And people whose opinons I respect have told me that they like it, so there. I am not completely useless. I can make people happy, even if it is only for 15 minutes.

Most importantly, Iz adores it. So much so that she was absolutely desperate to get a picture with a real troll. Here is our girl practically floating with happiness:

A happy new year to you all.

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