Happy New Year!

Check it out! Someone grouchy and liberal with the expletives, just like me! And with the same personal schedule!

Poor Seymour. He spent much of yesterday hiding from the snarls or silence that greeted any question.

Leelo has been off therapy for the past two weeks (his therapists go by the local public school schedule, although Therapist L came in for two sessions earlier this week), and is quite boppy and spazzy. He really does need to be in therapy as much as possible--it grounds him and keeps him calm.

Other changes to his routine: we reintroduced cod liver oil last week (this time without the lemon/lime oil that was scouring the flesh off his poor little bottom), and it's going well. He's even been taking it willingly, without our having to hold him down. Then we can hand him his nastier tasting rice milk or juice concoctions (with selenium, zinc, etc.) and he'll slurp them down--I guess anything tastes better than that fishy goop.

I'm not sure if the cod liver oil is affecting his behavior, but it certainly has made a change in his skin. After four months of a totally vegan diet, our boy's skin was getting dry and rough. Now his luscious snuggly kissable baby skin has returned. Poor bit, this means more pinning by mommy for unwanted kisses (I ALL DONE! BYE BYE MOMMY!).

We've also resumed glutathione cream (rubbed on his little legs 2x/day--smelly fricking stuff!). I know my friend mb (as opposed to MB from Wampum) noticed hyperactivity after she added this to their routine, but I think he's just as spazzy as he was before. Supervisor M and the therapists have been keeping benchmark observations with respect to additions to his diet/supplements, and it turns out that the only thing that definitely affects his response to therapy is being sick.

Iz drifted home from her friend Tea's house yesterday in a fluffy pink and purple cloud, clutching a borrowed DVD of B@rbie Sw@n Lake to her chest. Gack. Splutter. The B@rbie adaptations are far more warped and sugar coated than the horrors perpetrated by D*sney--and the animation is cheap, cheap, cheap-looking. My enraptured daughter does not care one iota. Another item to disappear as quickly as possible.

It is still raining, although the torrents are gentler than yesterday's, which dumped so much water that it started spurting out from between the rocks of the retaining wall behind our house. So, we are leaving. Off to The City where we will dance with monsters and possibly buy funky footwear.

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