What I Want to Write About:

Dr. P's Response to the fax of some days ago.

Whether Iz should go into Kindergarten or First Grade.

How Leelo's Occupational Therapist is moving to Sacramento in one week, but only gave me notice today.

What actually happened during my Costanoa retreat.

How much I love Banyuls wine.

Why I am pissed at Iz's teacher for giving her homework.

The amazing amount of driving and coordinating and general whiplash-inducing running about that happened today.

How flabbergasted I am that Seymour's dad called me tonight for the sole purpose of encouraging me to pursue writing and illustrating.

How much I want to kick myself in the teeth repeatedly for telling a lawyer mom that "Well, heh heh, I don't work full time."

What I Am Going to Do Instead:

Read that trashy Nevada Barr book and go to sleep.

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