¡Ella conquistará el mundo!

Woooo! Just found out that Iz can go right into first grade at the the bilingual/dual immersion Spanish/English K-8 school I'd been dreaming about sending her to ever since she was born! Starting the program in kindergarten is not mandatory, as I'd believed! I have an appointment with the principal tomorrow morning at 8:30! And this school is free! Yeah!

For those who haven't heard, or turned their ears off re: this subject long ago, my dreams of a nice, painless, easy transition to public school kindergarten got blown sideways during the parent/teacher conference at Iz's school last month. I was musing aloud about kindergarten choices, when Iz's teacher looked at me with no little amusement and said "Your daughter is already in kindergarten. Putting her in kindergarten next year would be a complete waste of everyone's time." (Iz's school is mixed preschool/kindergarten, and the kids are encouraged to work at whatever their individual level is, regardless of age.) My reaction: Oh. Shit. Fret fret fret.

The fretting came from anticipating lots and lots of additional work to ensure proper placement for the girl. From what I've heard, teachers and principals can get sick of parents wanting special attention and advancement for their "special fabulous extra-gifted child" and don't really want to help. The process can get combative, so I'd just as soon side-step the whole thing. I am hoping that tomorrow's talk with the principal will reveal methods for reverting back to the path of least resistance (my favorite route).

Will report back. (Noise of happy toe-tapping below desk.)

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