Full force hurricane going on in my head. However, unlike my more articulate friends, I do not have control of the spillgate that separates brain from fingertips and lets it wash all over the screen in passionate, electrifying, heady prose. It's all stuck in my noggin. So, list-like mundanity for you instead:

Leelo ate an avocado yesterday! All sorts of good trace minerals and fattiness! The likes of which he hasn't touched for two months! Woo-hoo!

The boy also had an eye appointment today, his first. It sucked, but at least they were able to determine that he doesn't have his sister's lazy eye, and so won't need to wear glasses like she does. If I was to have Leelo wear glasses I might as well put them on the cats--the challenges and success rates would be identical.

My parents arrive tomorrow. Heroes! They will help Seymour watch the kids while I run away!

Um, other things that I wrote down somewhere but which have since disappeared into the paper landfill that is my car. Where I just found a plastic grocery bag full of critical correspondence that'd been wedged under the seat for who knows how long. Go, me!

I think I need more sleep. Nighty-night.

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