Why I Try Not To Let My Kids Watch Commercials

Iz spent the entirety of our trip to the store badgering me to buy Luvs rather than Huggies diapers for her brother, because "Luvs has the best leak protection. It's true!" Sigh.

My friend-with-connections and I are going to have a conversation later this week about getting me "published and famous" (her words). Ha ha ha ha. Right. She also wants me to go to a kids' writing/illustrating conference in El Lay later this year. Right once more--sorry, but I just don't do the group thing. Any group thing. Not since college, anyhow.

I am sure Jo is smirking like hell, wondering just how quickly the balloon of my naivete and elation will get punctured by the nasty, nasty agents and publishers, and the jealous, backstabbing writers I've heard attend such events. If I ever even encounter them--remember, I am LAZY.

However I did make more hard copies of the current version of the story if anyone wants an extra one.

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