We are pausing to consider whether or not we want to proceed with Leelo's mercury chelation challenge. Seymour's dad and my mom, both of whom are medical professionals, have been showering us with articles and studies that question (or, okay, in some cases ridicule) chelation as a treatment for autistic children.

Their main concern, beyond health effects, are that "the only proponents are the people who are selling it." Now, I do think that's a little harsh. But I understand their worry. DMSA is a strong drug, and our guy is little.

I guess this is all just part and parcel of being on the DAN bandwagon. Any complementary or alternative health path with captive, frantic patients willing to shell out money for promising treatments is of course going to attract the money-grubbing quacks.

The worst part is that we already on information overload. Keeping up with DAN and ABA techniques at the most basic level is like reading for law school. Circuits start to blow out, especially since much of the information overlaps or contradicts. Chelation is only a small part of the program. I thought we'd done enough research and talked to enough people to commit to it, but now we're again unsure.

Chelation is good. Chelation is Bad. Bad! Fuck. I guess this is one of those cases in which joining a support group would have been helpful.

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