Hard to Port!

Enough about the kids. Re-reading those last entries makes me feel as I did at my cousin's New Year's Eve get-together, where all the kids were glued to the tube in another room while we six adults sat there surrounded by excellent wine and cheese, yet the other parents continued to dwell on the less interesting aspects of their little beasts. I wanted to stand up and howl "This is New Year's Eve! We are supposed to get drunk and then I will tease out your deepest and choicest secrets!" Instead I turned the subject to mountain biking. Slightly more tolerable, though it left me open to ribbing about the bike gathering spiderwebs in my garage.

This afternoon I will see if I can get the playgroup parents drunk. You think you can resist? Ha! I have vintage port, real Stilton, and chocolate truffles. Resistance is, well, futile.

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