If you know me, then you know I like confrontation about as much as I like leprosy. The mildest incident bring on adrenalin-fueled shakes and jitters, the tears well up immediately. Truly. Confront me some time and see what happens.

This being the case, I must have been possessed by some sort of Backbone Demon yesterday. That's the only possible explanation for my hounding of the Esperanza school principal I'm so desperately trying to ingratiate myself with, despite her initial brushoff of me and my concerns about Iz. She eventually listened to me as an individual rather than yet another parent making wild claims about a child's abilities, and seemed very interested indeed when I showed her some examples of what Iz is capable of (Seymour thinks that this is probably due to a hunger for Good Test Scores; I think a large part of her job is making parents feel that what they're saying is Very Important). She made copies of Iz's stuff and said she'd discuss it with the teachers. That probably means I'll need to follow up. Shite.

The incident got my adrenaline revving so high that I could barely sit down or hold a cup of water without spilling for four hours afterwards.

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