Do You Really Want a Scatterbrained Depressive Feeding Your Cats?

Probably not. Apologies to Ep for losing her housekey. Thankfully she is crafty and thinks ahead, so all was not lost and the cats did not starve. Let this be a warning to you all--no matter how much cat feeding you do for me, there is no guarantee of quality reciprocity. I am just too fucking stupid these days.

Though, if we take a briefly, cockeyededly optimistic stance on the issue, this means I am a perfect companion for my kids! Operating at their level and all that. We had a groovy day at Where The Wi1d Things Are, delightful for sure. Leelo and Iz were actually playing together, running through the trees, operating all the various interactive switches, taking turns peeking out through the little spyholes, and laughing together. Leelo performed an admirable feat of navigation and recall in galloping at top speed and through the entire, convoluted, and considerable length of the play area to reach his favorite tunnel. He spent the rest of our time trying to return: "I like tunnel. I love tunnel."

Seymour is downstairs, trying to compose a talk for Sunday's sermon, wherein a person from every decade of life will give a two-minute talk on how they want to live their "One Wi1d and Precious Liƒe." This is always my favorite sermon of the year; I hope that Leelo will cooperate with the child care so I can cheer on my partner.

Sadly, I suspect that introspection is affecting the mood of our hero, especially after having spent so much more time than usual with his boy these past two weeks. (I hear lots of clicking and sighing from the pits below.) But I do think that kneading out his thoughts will jumpstart a critical, dormant part of his being. I fell in love with him as a poet and writer--he is damn good at both, had a great column in our college newspaper--and am waiting excitedly to see what he comes up with. It's never predictable, always makes me want to stand up and shout "That's MY man. Yeah, you heard me--back the fuck away!"

Maybe not in the middle of service, though.

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