Why? Because You Can

The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that people in general, and Bu.sh specifically, get on with the morally questionable or outright criminal deeds for two reasons:

1) They can. Because:
2) No one with sufficient authority is telling them they can't.

Why does our fair leader continue with his campaign of environmental raping and pillaging (rejecting the Kyoto accord, pushing through the southern Alaska logging program, etc.)? Why, more than two years later, is the blatantly illegal Guantanamo Bay situation allowed to continue? Why does our president lie, lie, lie, and lie again? See above.

Why did a driver who cut cyclist me off in a parking lot, causing me to skitter across her hood and onto the ground and tweak my bike, try to sue me for the resulting damage to her car? She had access to her law firm's stationery. See above.

Why do older siblings pin younger ones and drop loogies into their mouths? Yup.

Why do I tell my daughter that I will summon trolls to take her away if she continues to misbehave? Yeah.

Why why why...

Power is heady stuff. And it is dangerous indeed in the hands of the weak.

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