Goofin' At The Table

Witness the ultimate everyone-wins evening for introvert me and my extrovert partner: I tagged along for dinner with Seymour and our friend Big Leelo (which is what we have to call him so our Leelo doesn't get totally confused). Afterwards, we went to a pub for beers. I whipped out a project and worked on it while they played speed chess next to me. I joined in the conversation if and when I felt like it, but was otherwise completely peripheral. Yet I still get to check it off on the chart as time spent together! We should do this more often.

I have no motivations or aspirations that don't involve my children, at least tangentially, and these projects are no different. They are the invites for Iz's birthday party next week, but are CD covers rather than the standard cards. DJ Iz selected all the tunes for the invite CD, and I think she picked some great self-sorters--those who don't approve of her (implicitly our) taste in music will decline to attend. Not a bad thing since, with all the kids from her school, the child-alone invite count is ~40. And do you really want to go to a party with someone who finds E1mer Fudd singing "Ki11 the Wabbit" offensive? Neither do I.

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