Random Random Random, Go Go Go! The Story of My Happy Yesterday.

  • New hair color (shade: "I am too friggin' lazy to deal with root growth"). Got to hang out and chat with KV my bud and AB the world's most talented stylist/doula while Seymour and PV took the four kids to the park for 90 minutes.
  • Absolutely gorgeous Sunday lent itself nicely to:
  • Outdoor family photo session with talented and patient local lens-wielder, and
  • Hike through park accessible and visible from back yard where the poison oak is all dormant and a million different mushroom types are busting out and the kids trotted happily the whole way like good little mountain goats. Please, someone, come kick my lazy butt out the back door and onto those trails!
  • Slate of five Tasmanian cheeses gifted to us by KV and PV via her dad. Did our damndest, but much cheese was left for the playgroupgoers.
  • Excellent laughs from Iz, who let it slip that I got the Kefir recommended by Chasmyn to see if it would help our girl and her dad with their "tooting." Busted again!
  • Good language from Leelo, including more spontaneous yes and no statements. Is it the lowered sugar intake and vigorous exercise? Who knows. We are happy.

Then I spent a blissfully spaced out hour or so webcrawling. Here's what I found:

Thank you Banubula!

Thank you Minnie!

Thank you Iris!

You are


"Tell me if I said something wrong. Otherwise I know I'll say it again -- probably often and in public."

What "Buffy" Character Are You?

So, yeah, my brain is lacking what one might term good cohesion. But it was a good day. Hope that is visible through all the shards above.

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