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Hello Dr. P,

We’ve really been seeing some distressing behavior in Leelo lately (self-stimulatory vocalizations, distractibility, hyperactivity etc.). Since Dec. 23, 2003 he has refused to take his supplements in anything but straight pear juice, plus he was off all antifungals Dec. 31-Jan 4 (my fault, didn’t realize he was out of Nystatin until everyone was on holiday). He hasn’t been the same since, although his hyperactivity has decreased since we removed glutathione last week.

We think his sugar intake is affecting his yeast overgrowth, and thus his behavior. We are wondering if we should switch to Kirkkman’s SuperNuTher@ liquid without Vitamin A & D (since he takes cod liver oil). Even if Leelo still needs to take some additional supplements, we’re hoping that this might eliminate one or two doses of juice per day.

Also, we were hoping to start Leelo’s chelation challenge soon. Due to various sensitivities and behavioral issues, he is not yet taking Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, or DMG. He is taking the supplements below with regularity. Can we start the challenge without the three supplements above?

DGST-P powder
K-Mag Aspartate
Magnesium Glycinate
Vitamin B6
B12 shots
Folic Acid
Cod Liver Oil

Finally, we would like Leelo to have a neurology exam to see if there’s anything of that nature underlying his autistic symptoms (he has sporadic episodes of “blanking out,” where he stops what he’s doing and stares into space, and it takes up to sixty seconds to elict any response from him).

We’d like to take him to the Harmman Pediatric Neurology Clinic at Stanfford, but they require a referral from a physician. We would be grateful if you could fax the referral request to (650) 724-5344. Of course, if you have additional questions feel free to call us first.

Thank you,

Squid & Seymour Rosenberg
Home 650-3663
Fax 650-2493

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