Looks like the Gift of Gab bequeathed to Iz by my mother has struck our family yet again. Excerpts from being around Mali* for--I swear--less than five minutes:

My name is Mali! Her name is Izzy! Your name is Mommy!

Read me a book! Read me a story! I'm reading a book!

[Points to item of clothing] Is that yours? That's not mommy's shirt, that's Leelo's shirt!

Izzy, do you want to play with me?

Look, I'm wearing a hat! Do you like my hat?

Where's my mommy? Mommy, where are you?

My hands are cold. I'm cold! Are you cold? I'm cold. Are you cold? I'm cold.

I want to go climb. Come on! Let's climb!

Mali's hungry. I'm hungry. Are you hungry? I'm hungry for ... strawberries. Or ... ice cream cones. Or ... blueberries. Do you want some blueberries? I want some blueberries. Do you want some blueberries?

Noooooo! My blanket! My bear! My pillow!

Mommy's working on the computer!


And other cutenesses of late:

[looks at the dark sky] It's night!

[Calls from cold swimming pool to Mommy who is sitting in a nice warm jacuzzi and so has no intention of going in said pool]: Do you want to swim with me?

Now if she would only sleep! Last night she and her brother were up past midnight.


*I think she's around 26 months old.

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