The Rosenberg Rollercoaster of Six Weeks Past

Found a draft documenting one of the most brain-exploding weeks of the last while, in terms of stress, logistics, work, etc. overload, and posted it as-is, under its original time stamp. Want it documented that I would not have survived that week without my wonderful friends.

Meanwhile the house is full of nieces and nephews (ages 1, 2, 4, and 13) and brothers and sisters-in-law and my mom. And my mom's very well-behaved dog.

We are having a good time, but it is very very very stressful (though it seems Leelo has little interest in tiny children who are not Mali). I am trying to get more help with Leelo so that Seymour and I don't become holiday stress casualties, and I don't end up in the urgent clinic with chest pains that turn out to be an anxiety attack, like I did last year. Though last year we hosted a bunch of parties during the holidays as well; this year we are not being nearly so stupid. We are only having super-large Xmas Eve and Xmas dinners. EASY!

Seymour and Mali will leave after Xmas to spend a few days with Seymour's parents; the day after they return we will send Iz to play in the snow with her cousins for a few days (and perhaps she will stop moaning about being "the only person I KNOW who has never been skiing!" even though I've told her that most of people we know do not and have never skied, because of the expense, logistics, unpleasant weather, and/or free time required.)

Interviewing a new therapist in the AM, to potentially replace Therapist R, who is going back to school.

Leelo has apparently gained 5 lbs since he started Abilify. We need to figure out how to get him more exercise.

Leelo is still getting up at 5 AM or earlier, consistently.

Xmas gifties and cards, not getting out on any kind of timely schedule. Which is fine, I'll give myself until New Year's. Or longer.

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  1. The thing that worked for us with exercise was to put a mini-trampoline near his laptop and the TV. When he is "shopping for cars" (he actually bought three on Ebay...sigh!) or watching a video, he jumps on the trampoline. It helps. (We did see a reduction in activity with the Abilify. He used to love swimming and now he won't go in the water)


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