The Sheer Awesomeness That Was Autism Twitter Day

Check out PF Anderson's analysis of the social media juggernaut and pure awesomeness that was Autism Twitter Day. For context, a quote:
For comparison with other trending topics, today the 100 page archive for Obama goes back 4 hours, for Santa 6 hours, Xmas 5 hours, and for iPhone 4 hours. The day of the Autism Twitter Day event, the stream of discussion about autism was so intense that twice during the day it outstripped every other topic on Twitter. For one December day on Twitter, autism was bigger than Obama, bigger than Xmas, bigger than Santa. WOW.
Thanks again to Bonnie Sayers of Autism Family, for the creativity and sheer force of will that conjured Autism Twitter Day from the social media ether. I hope it will be a yearly event.

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  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    It was a great thing to be a part of, and I liked meeting people like yourself, even if I had trouble keeping up in real time.


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