A Very Good Christmas

Leo on Christmas Day

No better Christmas gift than family and friends who make the effort to spend time hanging out with Leelo amidst the chaos of ten kids from four families at our house for a full turkey-and-good-china Christmas dinner, and who all pitch in to clean up afterwards and leave us with a sparkly clean kitchen. Seymour and I actually sat down for part of dinner *at the same time* thanks to Leelo help from my cousins JP and DD.

Seymour and I are both beyond exhausted, beyond stretched, so I didn't think today could be anything other than a tolerably stressful Christmas. But because of the wonderful and supportive people in our lives, we were able to snatch moments of real pleasure and real joy, and enjoy both our food and our excellent company.

I hope you were able to snatch some real happiness today, too.

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  1. What a cute picture! We are on vacation, and enjoying ourselves. We treat ourselves to a warm-weather winter vacation once a year, we know we deserve some R&R. And they have a kids club! I always call ahead and make sure they can handle Max, and they're usually great about it.

  2. Anonymous7:22 PM

    What a gorgeous portrait. We also managed to grab a couple of brief simultaneous moment together which constitutes considerable progress.
    Best wishes for a splendiferous 2009

  3. Anonymous5:33 AM

    What a cutie!

    Support from family and friends can make all the difference.


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