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My 10-year-old just gave me a detailed explanation of the difference b/t a colostomy, an ileostomy, & an ileoanalanastamosis (sp?). OK then.

She is just generally interested in anatomy and medical conditions. We got into this discussion via another discussion of why cancer can be fatal, e.g., cancer cells outcrowd the normally functioning cells in an organ and prevent it from functioning; her example was a colon blockage, I said that one could just get a colonostomy, she then learned me about the various large intestine surgical scenarios (and expressed disbelief when I didn't know where my sigmoid colon was). Right now she is telling me about infant blood transfusions to treat Rhesus disease (i.e., Rh incompatibility).

On Saturday night Jennyalice & crew came for dinner and stayed for a family sleepover. We four adults tried our best to stump Iz on the symptoms for various medical conditions; it took about an hour and Sjogren's Syndrome to trip her.

She is having big med school dreams at the moment, naturally. I don't have the heart to tell her how much sucky foundation learning, cut-throat peer competition, and intern/residency sleep loss is involved. I'll let her think it's all pure coolness and knowledge-inhaling, for now.

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  1. i was gonna write that, at first; i get confused who gets called what where. did i screw up? :(

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I was totally like this at the age of about 11. (though not as smart). I think lots of girls are really into medicine and science at that age. I was dying to go to the Bronx High School of Science. Good luck keeping the enthusiasm alive!

  3. If she's curious about becoming-a-medical-person type stuff, a) there are a lot of great books on the topic and b) I'm in the residency piece of that process right now, if she'd care to chat with someone who's in the thick of it. E-mail's probably best, but yeah, I'd be glad to discuss sigmoid colons, etc., though my specialty's pediatrics, not neurosurgery!

  4. That kid is incredibly smart. She is gonna go places!

  5. Anonymous12:52 PM

    At age 2 we knew that Iz was blessed with an amazing brain. Now at 10 her interest in and knowledge of Medicine/anatome is amazing!

    For the benefit of the rest of the world, I hope she becomes an amazing doc/scientist/researcher because who knows what will come from her truly amazing intelligence!?

    And of course, I just want her to be a HAPPY fulfilled person.

    BTW -- I just got the book Rules for R to read. Is it good? See other 10 year olds read "regular" stuff. Even my avid reading daughter!!

  6. Anonymous12:53 PM

    oh that was me ...Jersey Girl

  7. Anonymous2:59 PM

    She might not mind the competition part so much. As long as she wins! And... imho she would.


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