A Separate Peace

Jo Spanglemonkey gave us her extra IKEA swing chair more than two years ago. Last week we finally installed it.

Leo needed some time to believe the new swing was real, and permanent. He kept circling back to it, sitting on it for a few moments of exhilaration and disbelief, going off to do something else, and then coming back and finding out that *the swing was still there.*

Another feature that makes our house a happier place for Leo and his sisters and encourages independent play, plus makes us more of a destination for friends and family: check!

Leo in His New Chair Swing


  1. Wow now that's what I call a deck. Love the chair too of course but I have no idea where I would find to hang it.

  2. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I have seen these before too but I don't have a patio cover so I thought I could not hang it outside. What did you hang it from, the eaves?


  3. I can just picture how happy he is with this!! Anything whole-body sensory = leelo paradise!

  4. @victoria it is hung from the underside of a second-story balcony.

    @Maddy I prefer a deck to a lawn, personally. Lawn maintenance is a pain, and thirsty thirsty lawns make no sense in mostly-parched California.


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