Tafoni Boy Tafoni Boy, Won't You Be My Tafoni Boy

Tafoni Boy Tafoni Boy Won't You Be My Tafoni Boy

Leo at Salt Point State Park, having the Easter of his life. Our trip together was mostly very sweet, with only a handful of Whoa Nelly! incidents.

Expanded trip musings by tomorrow morning.

Update 4/15: Except we had an emergency SEPTAR board meeting last night. Happy tax day, everyone! Updates late tonight.

4/16 And then tax emergencies yesterday. I hate to be the excuse lady and so will make no more promises as to posting except that I'll try soon as Leo has a dentist appointment this afternoon and that's always an event.


  1. What an adorable pic! What is that behind him?

  2. He looks SO happy. Fantastic.


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