Seeking Stories: The Can I Sit With You? Project

Three weeks of kids on spring break or out sick ended when I plopped Leo's little bottom on the bus this morning. I am exhausted. So, of course, back to work!

Here's our latest Can I Sit With You? announcement. Please take heed, because -- come on -- you know you have a good story and want to see it online and in print (um, and help the kids):

We've been so distracted by publishing two books and flitting among the associated events that it took us a few beats to realize: it's been over a year since we asked people to send us Can I Sit With You? stories.

Please, send us your Can I Sit With You? stories!

We know you have a wonderful tale or two from your school years, because so many of you have popped up at our readings -- or emailed us -- and told us so.

And who can resist the feel-good hat trick of getting a story published while helping to raise money for kids with special needs plus helping school kids in general feel less socially flummoxed?

So, damn it, tell us about your memorable social experiences in elementary and middle school. We want to share all kinds of stories: good or bad, triumphant or wrenching.

We always love to feature tales from former outcasts and underdogs, but would also like to hear more from those of you whose social seas were complicated by undercurrents like special needs and learning disorders, eating disorders, and gender or sexual identity. And then there's the funny. We also appreciate the funny, and the wry.

Got it? Good. Here is your assignment:
  1. Read our Mission Statement
  2. Read our Submission Guidelines
  3. Write your story (we're only asking for 1000 words)
  4. Send it to us!
If your story is a good one but you're worried about making it shiny and slick, no worries. We are skilled editors, and will spit-polish as needed.

Don't make us rap your knuckles with a ruler, pass you a nasty note, throw spit balls at you, or make fun of you on Facebook. Send us your story, and send it now.

In gratitude,

Shannon & Jennifer

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