Adam: The Salon Movie Review

I appreciated Salon movie critic Andrew O'Hehir's unsentimental review of the new movie Adam, in which a man with Asperger's embarks on a romantic relationships with an NT (neurotypical) girl. The following passage stands out, and demonstrates a sorely-needed respect for my son and his peers, as well the adults who share the autism spectrum with them:
"Autistic and Asperger's characters in movies are only beginning to move beyond the "Sidney Poitier phase," in which members of previously despised or misunderstood minorities are presented as symbols, saints or seers -- whose most important function is to provide other, more relatable and "normal" characters with the opportunity for moral and spiritual growth. African-Americans, gays and American Indians have already enjoyed this dubious cinematic-shaman role, which is undeniably superior to old-fashioned bigotry but a long way short of actual equality."
A long way short of actual equality, indeed. Mr. O'Hehir has my thanks.


  1. I shared the review with Jim and that's exactly the paragraph he pointed out. Think it'll be awhile before we can move beyond this, but one step at a time. The movie I really want to see is "The Black Balloon."

  2. Thank you for your warm-hearted insights... I really like your blog. Blessings, Debbye debgraafsma.blogspot.com


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