Searching for Gold Lamé on Etsy

That is what I am doing right now. Looking for gold clothes for Mali, because gold (shiny gold like Flavor Flav's teeth, not goldenrod) is her Very Favorite Color, and I've never seen gold kiddie clothes that aren't costumes or formal wear.

Example of gold-loving: When Mali and I recently visited Leo's godmother Hayley, she took us on a tour of the lot where she works. A music studio covers part of the lot, and is in fact where We Are the World was recorded. While I was studying the giant framed WATW photo on that studio wall, wondering if Steve Perry and Harry Belafonte got to talk to each other and if so what did they say, Mali ran into the swanky waiting area across the room and promptly blew out its chunky candle.

"Mali!" I chided, "We do not blow out candles without permission! But ... I suppose you might as well make a wish."

Mali closed her eyes and clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest. "I wish for ... a UNICORN!" she whispered, as loudly as she dared.

Fantastic-creature-loving Hayley's chest swelled with pride. Then Mali added, "A GOLDEN one!"

Hayley's chest exploded.

Mali's gold-lust, once admitted, has not abated. Our girl, she wants some gold. Surely Etsy will have something for her. Surely.


  1. If you can't find quite what you want, you could ask for a special order. I've had things custom made on etsy many a time, and they always turn out loooovely! (And usually don't cost any more than non-custom made). There's go to be someone out there just dying to work in gold lame, but not sure there's a market for it. ;)

  2. If you don't object to American Apparel...


  3. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Oh my, to think that if I hadn't read the comments to this post, I would have missed those leggings. I'm just disappointed I don't have a 5 year old to put them in (my daughter's 8, and I don't think the son will wear them).


  4. My son's on the gold rush too, has been for years. As to Etsy, you can go to the custom bit and put in a request......you never know.

  5. http://stores.sophiasstyle.com/Items/s8300cgld?sck=3310544&caSKU=s8300cgld&caTitle=Easy%20USA%20Toddler%20Girls%20Shoes%20Gold%20Dress%20Slippers%20Special%20Occasion%205-4

  6. jumper girl's passions at that age were

    (a) Ruby (and/or) Golden Slippers -- happily, Nordstrom's had them in every size

    (b) Moccannins (moccasins) -- again happily the Minnetonka kiddo moccasins were often carried by The Cobbler Shop & they were happy to oder.

    (c) capes My rudimenatry sewing skills were up to buying 0.5 yards of black blue silver gold & etc. lenghs of satin / lame / etc.& making a pocket at the top & inserting elastic.

  7. @dawn2u10:16 AM

    If not Etsy, call Jill at Richochet consignment shop in San Mateo. She always manages to find Gabriel whatever he is looking for.

  8. Well, not exactly gold lamé, but sparkly.

    a-line dress

    a black and gold tutu


    You can tell I've only been buying t-shirts and ripstop shorts & pants for the past decade.

  9. Oooooh those are all such great options. Mali got very wide-eyed & excited at the leggings especially, as did her older sister.

    @kristina, I want that first dress for *me*.

  10. Anonymous12:45 PM

    and what about the book Goldalicious?

    jersey girl.


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