Happy Ninth Birthday Leelo!

Leo in the Shark Cage

Happy birthday beautiful boy!

I am thrilled about what Nine Years Old means for Leo. Our happy, well-adjusted boy has helped us be happy and well-adjusted, too. One year ago I would not have believed such gladness was possible. This is a precious time.

I love that he was excited yet conflicted about going to camp this past weekend. He wanted to go, but he didn't want to be apart from his family -- both positives. He also may have been worried that this was a week-long rather than a weekend-only camp, even though I reassured him that it was the latter. He had a great time, with a great aide, and greeted me at pickup with Spiderman-worthy leaps of joy that ended in a bear hug. He was voted Sweetest Scarecrow during the Harvest Carnival.

I can't wait to greet him when he wakes up, because we got him a new stuffed Catbus for his birthday. I thought was going to be the size of a Chihuahua but no -- more like a portly Jack Russell terrier.  It's huge, and really well made. Leo is going to go out of his mind when he sees it.

I am saddened that Leo's birthday day carrot cake is a pathetic-looking, non-CakeWrecks-worthy fail. I give up on gel decorating tubes! They are sploogy and gush liquid half the time. His cake may be covered in wee rainbow puddles, but it will be delicious and I'm hoping his classmates only care about that. I promise to make a better one for his birthday party, which I am really looking forward to (as I wrote on BlogHer last week). I hope he is too.

There will be green straw snatching runs and naan bread for dinner tonight!


  1. Happy Birthday, Leo!

  2. Happy 9th birthday, Leo! So glad he's doing beautifully and had a fun weekend. (He and Baxter are just 5 days apart!)

  3. Happy Birthday, Leo! We can't wait to see you at your sister's bounce party. I hope you get a rainbow of straws for your birthday!

  4. Happy 9th Birthday Leo! May the straw-fairies be good to you this year. You make your mother very proud and happy. Enjoy your special day!

  5. Anonymous10:35 AM

    happy birthday Leo!

  6. Happy birthday Leo! I hope this coming year is as full of joy and growth as this past year.

  7. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! :-)

  8. Thanks all! Leo had a GREAT day.


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