Our Birthday Boy's Bash

Leo's birthday party was exactly the kind of free-for all bash I predicted. All our kids, all those children, got to run and tumble and jump and play without any weird vibes from anyone in the area. The bouncy house emporium staffers were mellow and helpful, and everyone had a good time. Jennyalice already posted a warm we-love-our-village update about Leelo's party so I'll give you a (mostly) visual tour instead:

I made sure Leo got three of his oral fixations in one cupcakey package: chocolate, forbidden M&Ms, and a nice green straw. He nicely allowed me to share these cupcakes with the other partygoers.

Leo's Dad loved the bouncy slides.

And Leo loved having  his dad on the bouncy slides.

Mali appreciated that some of her brother's friends are her friends, too.

Izzy and Mali tried to take down Descartes, who is 6' 5". It was a bit like watching Rebel forces attack At-Ats during the Battle of Hoth.

Leo got his own special birthday chair during Cake Time. Cheeky!

Everyone sang him Happy Birthday. He always loves that. He blew out the candles himself, though there were so many that it took more than one puff.

He was given lots of love from the right...

photo by Jennyalice

...and lots of love from the left. This pretty well summarizes his life. Love all around.

Still can't believe he's nine.


  1. It looks like fun. :-)

  2. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Great day! And what a fabulous happy boy!!

  3. And a great time was had by all, no doubt.

    Happy birthday to a lucky boy!

  4. I just love to see that big grin on his face. Your boy positively radiates joy and love, Shan. I can't imagine what it's like in person. Must be dazzling. :-)

  5. Lovin' it all, and of course the birthday boy too!

  6. Melissa11:25 PM

    How absolutely beautiful.
    I love the last two pictures.

  7. I love seeing your gorgeous boy have such a happy time. :-) Surrounded by love indeed!!

  8. Leo had the best day ever! Thanks for all you sweet kind wishes.


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