Hiking Season Resumes!

You've never seen such a happy boy in your life. Leo skipped and giggled for the entire 2 1/2 miles of trail. I guess it's been a while since we hiked at this preserve. I guess he's been missing our early-morning weekend hikes. Which I am resuming because 1) OMG look at that spring sky, GOODBYE SUCKY WINTER WEATHER and 2) Both Leo and I need more exercise and 3) The pathway through the poison oak stretches of this trail is now more than 12 inches wide.

Leo and I liked these trailside flowers. Seymour says they are Mule's Ears, a native species. I didn't bother to look them up for potential contradiction points, as I figure anyone who gets asked to visit the Mythbusters studio must know everything.
Here we are at Leo's favorite serpentine rock outcropping. If he were a periadolescent girl, this shot would illustrate how pensive he is about the My Little Red Book I'd found for him, or the fact that I'm being asked to show him how one shaves one's pits. But since we are talking about Leo, perhaps he is mulling over the fact that night time absorbent gear is being deep-sixed this month. PRAY FOR US.

Brilliant color: possible without messing with saturation sliders. Who knew? You can see this tree from the top of our driveway -- which is nowhere near as close as I was when taking this shot -- and I had thought the tree was dead-dead-deadski. But if you squint and put your nose to the screen (or click to enlarge) you will see that the tree is a-bursting with branch-tip greenery. Yay. I have similar hopes for greenery-bursting in the seedling pots Mali and I planted this weekend.

Speaking of Mali - Look, there she is! This is her restaurant, Soublime (the spelling of which is specifically NOT THE SAME as her Uncle's restaurant, Sublime.) Note flowers taped to the sign. After I specifically told her that I really like the flowers better on the bush or in the ground. HI DEFIANT FIVE-YEAR-OLD. Not the most fortunate photo of Iz. Definitely a photo which shows you how fortunate we feel to be dining al fresco on such an embarrassingly beautiful California spring morning.

Hope you are well,



  1. Fabulous photos, fabulous day.

  2. Since I'm not naming a restaurant, I can get away with saying it...this is sublime! :-)

  3. That tree is absolutely insanely fabulous! A winning photo!

    Also, I came here on recommendation from Stimeyland ... my son was just diagnosed ASD, on the spectrum, autism, whatever you want to call it. He's two. He has no words. Life is challenging these days. I'll be following you now, when I have a change to read more than two words at a time. Heh. Weep.

    Thanks for sharing ... it's helping me.

  4. Stacy, thank you for coming by and *please* contact me any time. shannonrosa yahoo.com. Mentors - even occasional touchstone ones - can really make a difference, especially in the beginning.


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