Kids With Special Needs and Financial Planning

Please come to a free presentation this Thursday evening, on financial planning and your child with special needs.

SEPTAR, the Special Education PTA of Redwood City, presents:

Nick Homer, Special Needs Financial Advisor for Miceli Financial Partners
Thursday, April 15th, 7:00 PM
Redwood City School District Offices
750 Bradford Street, Redwood City, CA 94063

From the Miceli Financial Partners website:
The focus of the Miceli Financial Partners Special Care Planning Team is to provide wise financial strategies for families with members who have special needs.

Families with special needs have unique financial circumstances that are often overlooked by financial advisors. Our Special Care Planners have been certified by the American College with specialized and exclusive training to address these unique needs and situations.

In addition, our Special Care Planners work with families to provide "every day" financial solutions, such as education funding and retirement planning.

Our Special Care Planning Team has alliances with legal and medical professionals, non-profit organizations and support groups at the community level. Working collaboratively with these entities and caregivers allows implementation of effective life care plans. An important aspect of life care planning is to structure plans that preserve government benefits while maintaining the ability to accumulate and grow assets.

As always, SEPTAR will provide babysitting, snacks, and all the coffee you can drink.

Please contact me with any questions. See you Thursday!


  1. Politics:- this is very nice posting or planning for the good kids feature. Planning for my future and making sure I know what I`m going to be doing versus some kids might not plan. It`s better to be planning ahead than just going along not knowing what you`re doing," saysAbby Ritz, a ninth grader at Simle Middle School.

    "His class helps find out different areas you could succeed in and figure out long term or short term goals," says Riley Reihl, a ninth grader at Simle medical school. Goals that these students say they`re more likely to set, and achieve..thanks to Junior Achievement. Volunteers from the community are the teachers in the Junior Achievement program. They give kids some real life examples that make the lessons a little more real. This year, Junior Achievement is in 163 classrooms in Bismarck and Mandan, both public and private. That`s about four-thousand kids. Since it`s a volunteer, not-for-profit program, they`re always looking for financial support to keep the program running thanks for shearing me student aid.

  2. It is good to hear that there are Special Care Planning teams which are there to help families that have special needs. It is a must to make plans for the expenditures especially if the family has special needs. This plan depends on each family and it is what the team is dealing with.


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