Make a Difference for Autism Research, for Only $1

Seymour & Iz atop Orcas Island's Mt. Constitution
Just got the following press release from the Autism Science Foundation (whose cool shirt my husband is wearing in the photo above):

You Can Make a Difference With Only $1 (Yes, That's One Dollar!)

Can $1 really make a difference? You bet! Today the Autism Science Foundation is the featured nonprofit on Philanthroper.com!

Philanthroper has been described as the "Groupon" of the nonprofit world. Each day they raise funds $1 at a time for a selected nonprofit whose work they think is outstanding and today that's ASF!

Philanthroper is about group giving. If everyone gives a little bit it will add up to enough for us to fund another critical piece of autism research. All funds raised through this project will go directly to research.

Please donate $1 today [https://philanthroper.com/deals/autism-science-foundation] and then SHARE with all your friends. After making your donation, post this Facebook update or send an email to your family and friends. This is an easy and simple way to get even more support for ASF's work.

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