Poke Me: Yet Another App Leo Loves (and It's Free)

See that cute purple monster? LEO LOVES HIM. Said creature is the sole protagonist of Poke Me, a currently-free app that lets you poke and feed the monster to see how it reacts -- glee, nomminess, or mild chastising (with amusing sound effects). You can also guide your critter through three simple environments - home, the moon, under the ocean. You can buy one 99c optional environment -- a treehouse, which made Leo giddy (he loves putting the wee monster to sleep in his bed).

Here 's what the developers have to say about Poke Me:
This app is a work-in-progress. We are at work adding content, levels and interactivity to the game! Until it is complete, Poke Me! will remain basically free and we hope you will enjoy the little bit of fun we have here now.
...but since they wrote that more than six months ago, in November 2010 (an aeon in app development), I suspect this app will be free for some time.


Speaking of free apps, today is World Underwear Day!, and you can download Todd Parr's cute, silly, and bumptuously fun My Underwear app for free. What are you waiting for? Go play with your underwear!

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