Talking About TPGA, Autism Acceptance, & iPads With Health Central's Jeremy Shane

One of the pleasures of IMFAR was meeting HealthCentral's Jeremy Shane in person after corresponding online, and I was honored when Jeremy asked to interview me. The interview is broken up into three segments, each with the same intro about me and Leo.

The first segment is on how the Thinking Person's Guide to autism website and forthcoming book provide the "crash course" parents of kids with new autism diagnoses need (and which doesn't currently exist), and also addresses the importance of finding positive role models, community, and information as soon as possible after an autism diagnosis:

The second segment is on accepting our children for who they are; and on steering clear of negative parenting attitudes, and flawed information on matters like vaccines:

The third is about iPads being so much more than AAC devices, and how much I wish experienced app developers would work with experienced autism and special needs professionals to create the ideal apps for Leo and our community. I also talk about the need for parents to continue broadening their perspectives on what it means to have autism by reading sites like Kristina Chew's blog at autism.typepad.com, about parenting a teen with autism, and through watching movies like Todd Drezner's Loving Lampposts.

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