Leo Stands Up for Himself

Oh yeah, it's soccer season. Leo is thrilled!

It's been mind-explodingly and productively busy here lately, but I wanted to note two significant Leo stories. They're important. He deserves witnesses.

First, he ended a tickle session with me not with his usual pushing away or even an "all done," but by saying loudly and firmly, "Stop it!" This is clear as hell, and lets our boy stand up for himself in a way that needs no interpretation. Very, very glad.

Second, at school, he got upset about putting the class place mats away after snack. He complained loudly about the place mats all day long, and the class staff couldn't understand why -- until later on they realized that two of the place mats had slipped off the back of the table and fallen on the floor -- where no one except Leo had noticed them. They let him put the place mats back, and his world realigned itself into a place where he could be happy. Glad he got to follow through, finally.

Our boy, he can stand up for himself. It is a relief, and I am proud, and that's about that.


  1. Good for your boy. And that's about that.

  2. Lissi6:02 PM

    Big smile over here from me! Go Leo!

  3. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Did you see the story on front page of NY TIMES yesterday? Check it out.


  4. Exactly the kind of thing Charlie would notice and do his best, with only a few words, to explain -- bravo Leo!


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