Cinderella! A New App From the Nosy Crow Imaginarium

It's not easy to get Mali to demo thoroughly engrossing apps like Nosy Crow's just-released Cinderella story book ($5.99), as she becomes so enthralled she forgets to respond to her mother, or the camera. See for yourself:

Like the same studio's previous app, The Three Little Pigs (reviewed here), Cinderella is a top-notch production, with intricate but easy-to-interact-with animation, and funky, fun design. It also has a bonus for iPad 2 users -- you can use the front-facing camera to appear in the Ugly Stepsisters' mirrors!

In the week we've been trying out this app, it has consistently been Mali's go-to play choice, so I do believe that is a recommendation. I'd be interested to hear what other little quirky fairy tale lovers think, too.


Mali was given a copy of Cinderella by Nosy Crow, but this review is her and my honest opinion. We were not otherwise compensated in and way.

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