Talking About iPads on the Radio, and Upcoming iPad Events

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I had a great time tonight talking about iPads and apps for kids with autism and other special needs with Marianne Russo of The Coffee Klatch and Gary James of A4CWSN on BlogTalkRadio tonight. Have a listen! If you're more of an IRL person, I'll be speaking at and/or attending three more autism/iPad events in the next two weeks:
 If you're able to make it to any of these events, do say hi.


  1. I 'sense' an ipad in my daughter's future.

    And by sense I mean 'want'.

    And by want I mean 'need'.

  2. Hi Jim, let me know if you have any questions!

  3. honestly, I THINK I know what I want. With iphones and itouches littering my house I know i don't necessarily need a ton of memory, but I want to be able to get some utility out of it when I'm away from hotspots, so I'll probably get the wifi/3G version.

    And also considering how rough I anticipate my daughter will be with it when it's her turn. . . NOT the top of the line model.

    Thanks though. When I start getting down to business I'll remember the offer.


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