Leo and His iPad on ABC TV

You may or may not have heard, but last week Leo and I were featured in a local ABC News (KGO) story, "Autism Community Sees Promise in iPad Apps." Leo is adorable and demonstrates his iPad smarts, as usual, and I got to demonstrate some of the funny faces my husband says I make all the time but which I never see -- on TV. (Bonus: Can you tell I dyed my hair about an hour before my interview took place?) I thought the story did an excellent job of talking about how iPads can support kids like Leo, and staying positive:

Reporter Lyanne Melendez published the story the night before the Morgan Autism Center conference, as she promised she would -- so I was tickled when a woman came up to me after my MAC conference iPad workshop and told me she was there specifically because she saw the ABC iPad story. (One) mission accomplished!

Very grateful to the wonderful Joanna Jaeger of Parents Helping Parents in San Jose, who set the interviews up.


The other happenings of this past Friday and Saturday were so incredibly jam-packed with noteworthiness that I'm going to have to parcel it out -- the end of the TPGA Dialogues, Leo getting a music session with Stephen Shore, the MAC conference dinner, and the brain-poppingly, influentially informative MAC conference itself. Nothing else exciting had better happen in the next few days!


  1. This is so great. :-) My son has an i-pod touch and it hasn't been a big hit either. So we weren't sure about the i-pad. But you've opened some ideas for us on how an i-pad might help our son. His younger brother has had one for a while so we're trying out some things on his. I'm downloading books (YES). Thanks for the research you've done on this. I'm so glad that this technology is helping kids with autism.

  2. Wow! Great spot on ABC! That app looks pretty cool too!

  3. Terrific segment, love it! Leo is indeed adorable.


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